Looking for tropical fish are ya?

many fish

Well I am sure you are!

So what is Tropical Fish Catalogs about you ask?

Well, if you are a fish enthusiast, you keep fish, you fish for fish, you love watching fish, you love tv programs on fish... (and you know you do!)

Synodontis Fish

(Thats right you!)


you find yourself doing things like...

making a mental note of a pet store u pass by just to see some time later if they have fish (if its a fish only pet store, then forget about it, you will visit some time!),

going out of your way to find the downtown aquarium in the city you are passing through to see if you have time to go visit,

Spotted Barb in front of Tengas

(Thats right you again!!)


checking out the frozen food section at the supermarket just to see the fish they have that day...


just any crazy combination in between....

well then you have come to the right place, a catalog of fish topics.

I will be taking you through a unique perspective on tropical fish. Topics like types of fish, fish tank maintenance, aquarium supplies and the like.

Since I am those things I mentioned above, I will provide as well a listing and assessment of sorts of the local downtown aquarium, fish markets and even fishing.

And as I go along, I will go through the smattering of fish related topics and concerns, such as fish farming and health topics on fish.

I hope you enjoy reading through my thoughts, as much as I have, writing it.

So come on in!

Types of Fish, behaviors, anecdotes and FSI. FSI?
A unique view of types of fish, behaviors, anecdotes, experiences.
Fish Tank Maintenance
A look at some of the things seldom discussed about fish tank maintenance, information needed in keeping an aquarium functioning and healthy.
Fish Food, what do fish like anyway?
what is considered as fish food? What concerns should you have about the feeding of fish?
Aquarium Supplies, have you been wondering what you may need?
What kind of aquarium supplies do YOU need? Well, it all depends...
Downtown Aquarium, one near you?
A view of a downtown aquarium near you!
Fishing in the tropics, conventional and traditional.
tropical fishing, hey isnt fishing the same everywhere?
Facts About Fish - a point by point rundown of a subset of fish facts.
A compendium of facts about fish! Well about some fish anyway and well about some fish facts anyway as well.
Fish Issues, issues related to tropical fish.
A look at some of the issues fish face, fish issues good and not so good.
Tropical Fish Catalogs Blog
The Tropical Fish Catalogs Blog fills you in on anything new or updated at the tropical-fish-catalogs.com web site. How to subscribe? Well do it right here.
Aqua Links, linking tropical fish catalogs to other aqua friendly sites
Aqua links shares a set of links to other like-minded aquatic topics (not necessarily from the tropics)
My Treasure
My treasure, my story.