What is good fish food? How often should fish be given food? What else should you know about fish food?

Fish food is the life sustaining part of your aquarium fish. Its also the main concern of what bait to use if you go fishing. In essence you need to know all there is to know about what type of food fish like so that you can either keep them healthy effectively or be effective in catching fish!

In terms of aquarium fish, there are generally a few types of fish food. There are flakes, pellets, live and even frozen varieties.

Thats right, it seems that sometimes some kinds of food are harder to keep alive so they are being sold frozen (or maybe the act of freezing adds value to the process and allows for the pet industry to make more money! :) )

Flakes are generally used for smaller fish. These tend to have the consistency of dried leaves and will float on water.

Pellets can be really small, the size of pencil heads (or even smaller still - almost like dust!), or quite large, the size of ball bearings.

Pellets can also be of the floating type but there are also sinking types. They are generally spherical in shape but there are also cylindrical and perhaps other shapes as well. Both pellets and flakes can have dizzying array of ingredients as well.

So why on earth do they have so many kinds you ask? Well I suppose its a lot of marketing hype just like every commodity there is these days! :) Having said that, each kind gives its own merits and I suppose we need to take them at face value and get on with it.

I have, however, heard of varieties apparently containing things like pork or pork related products which seems a little mind boggling. I have not personally run into any though.

What I am concerned about as well, is how exactly you feed the fish and how often. These days, who has the time anymore? Worse of all, you lose track of time and that means sometimes your fish will go unfed.

At best, they will get food at odd times. Just like you and me, if our fish eat irregularly, its not good for them either.

So the solution? Automatic fish feeders. Thats right, these are life savers, and you need one (or however many you need) today! Then there are some of those questions that people ask sometimes. Like what do snakehead fish eat and how or what do carp eat. Interesting questions and sometimes the answers can be surprising!

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