My Treasure...

Treasures... yes! Arent we all familiar with the idea of buried treasure?

So familiar are we with treasures and pirates that its spawned countless movies that feed into our imagination on the mystics involved with the idea, just the idea...
of buried treasure.

Ironically, treasures tend also to be associated with the tropics!

Its always some island somewhere with the hot burning sun well up high, coconut trees adorn and sandy white beaches with crystal blue waters decorating the minds picture,

you know... that image we have of a tropical island.

Blissful indeed.

This website is my island and its contents are my buried treasure.

My Story...

I am a computer professional by day but a treasure seeker by night.

I am enthralled by all things fish as you have probably read on the home page.

I dont know what it is, but I am just fascinated by fish, not just tropical fish, any fish in general and actually anything that is in water, be it freshwater or seawater.

I have spent literally years of my life just watching any documentary on fish and reading on fish, whatever the topic.

At the same time I am one of those who always likes to share. You know, the guy who always has a story to tell to people around, or the guy who always has some piece of advice to share with someone.

You know, that guy.

A sharer of a treasure seeker if you will!

Its truly a funny release when you talk about things you love. So far, most of the things I have written in this website is based on my own knowledge in terms of real experience and real knowledge seeking. I still have tons to write and tons more to learn and therefore tons more to share.

And to share all of it, well with you guys reading this.

And you know another piece of the treasure?
Well it doesnt feel like work at all!

Its crazy that way. I was just reviewing what I have written, to correct spelling or grammar here and there and I couldnt believe the amount of stuff I had already spewed on these pages,

when the heck did I find the time!?

Whats even more unbelievable is that so many people have read it!

This is the gift, the treasure as well in that sense, that the internet has buried. The treasure of being able to share your thoughts with people, likely with people you may never meet.

My beginning...

I started thinking about doing this many years ago.

I had a blog at first and wrote short stories but they were really just for me and maybe a few friends. I did that a while and then lost interest in it.

Three years ago though as I was thinking about my career and how my life is going to end up, I started again to think of setting up a website.

I had no idea how (yes I am a computer guy but I really dint know how!), for what or why, but it just dawned on me that the internet was some place I could share my thoughts and hey who knows make a buck or two.

This was when I ran into SBI, my other buried treasure.