A Downtown Aquarium near you.

Any city that can be called a city should have a downtown aquarium.

Why, do you ask? What if its some city in the middle of the desert you say?

Well first let me answer the second question, Las Vegas has at least one aquarium and its not just tropical fish that they have, they even have sea fish. So this question doesnt hold much water at all (excuse the pun!)

For the first question, well you know there just needs to be a place where people in the city can go on weekends, a place where tourists can hang out and be an activity for them, and generally for fish nuts like you and me to make a point to go check out. Its just one of the things to appreciate in life! To be able to appreciate a little live aquaria.

Its not immediately straightforward to find information about such public aquaria. They can be scattered and sometimes even scant. So since I go out of my way to check out these places, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a directory of sorts. (Applause please!).

Think I will start with the one in 'my town', Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

The Great Baltimore Aquarium.
There is also the Washington D.C. Aquarium which is apparently related. I have been to a couple more such as the Boston Aquarium, the great Monterrey Bay Aquarium, the Kuala Lumpur Aquaria (or Aquaria KLCC).

Sea World in San Diego was a true spectacle of a Public Aquarium as well.

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