Facts about Fish

There are so many facts about fish. They tend to be generic and biological, you know fish generally have pectoral fins, some have scales while some do not, most have gills for breathing, they tend to lay eggs and spawn together at certain times in the year in the wild, yada yada yada.

Well fish facts you find here will be about some of the 'other' facts about fish.

You know some of the information that is there but you kinda need to dig to find it. You know things that you have always wanted to know but too afraid to find out or more likely had no idea you should know it!

Some of these fish facts may not even be easily found. In fact its possible that you probably could not find a single location where all of this information has been grouped together so that you can easily see it (well except here I guess :D).

So really this will be the various information on fish, specific to each fish that is identified, that you may have been wanting to know about for the longest time but had no idea you needed to know it (Confused you enough?)

Each Fish link will have the corresponding information for that fish. Its a start in terms of category information, which will likely change and grow over time, maybe get you involved too at some point!

With some luck, we will have a plethora of fish facts listed here in no time.

Current Categories

- Aquarium Fish?
- Pond Fish?
- Fish Farming Potential (for human consumption)?
- Predator?
- Size?
- Food eaten?
- Aquarium Fish Diseases?
- Money Value?
- Aquarium Fish Compatibility / Tropical Fish Compatibility?
- Common Fish Names?
- Freshwater or Saltwater?
- Little known fact?

List of Fishies

1. Snakehead fish

2. Plecostomus fish (Pleco)

3. Betta Fish (Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish)

4. Koi Fish

5. Synodontis Fish (Upside down fish)

6. Silver Shark or Bala Shark

7. Seven Striped Barb (Temoleh)

8. Malaysian Red Mahseer (Kelah Merah)

9. Harlequin Rasbora (Setem)

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