Tropical fishing... its a hot activity!

Thats right, fishing, specifically in the hot yo!
(Pun ABSOLUTELY intended!)

As the word implies, tropics means a lot of sun, so you got high heat and humidity which taken together means a lot of sweating.

At the same time, thousands upon thousands of people (probably millions upon millions if we talk about the guys making a living out of this) are into this most primal of activities.

I mean what could be more ancient than trying to catch your food right? Okay yeah, these days there are a lot of people who do catch and release, and all that.

The basic thing though, is some deep down instinct of just needing to sit or stand in the sun (in the tropics, it also means wearing long sleeve shirts and hats - or towels under hats - that resemble the caps of the Japanese Soldiers in World War II.. just to make sure you dont get too much of a tan!), sweating hours on end, often time, uttering not a single word, and just looking at a rod and a length of string at the end of it.

Hours and hours... sometimes nothing and often times short spurts of excitement, followed by more of just waiting and watching that rod.

To the uninitiated, they would say "What is this guy smoking man?!"

Nothing can quite describe watching your float being dragged slowly under, or getting into a panic when you see your float get pulled under outright.

Do I reel in? Do I yank? Do I wait? Decisions need to be made in split seconds; the correct one will yield a good result.

Well, the adrenalin surge of catching a piscean variety can only be described by one who actually achieves it. Often it happens so fast that your excitement is delayed.

Other times, it takes soooo long to pull the monster out of the water, you are too tired to celebrate your fine feat.

Having said all that, there is some sort of romance in driving wee hours in the morning to some place, just to fish...

Catching the sun coming up to greet the day...

Watching life waking up...


One of the more intriguing types I have done involves catching squid. YES there are squid in the tropics too.

Snappers are also a joy and a conundrum sometimes as well. Golden snappers are exhilirating while the Red Snapper is more of habits understanding.

Conventional Equipment

Sure you need the usual rods, reels, lines, hooks, weights, floats. How can you go without these things?

There are also other things that have always been needed but not necessarily stuff we think about immediately. Things like shirts and hats. Am I serious? I am tHAT serious man! :)


Call it what you will, traditional or tribal, this type is something deep rooted, you know its way down there in your 'hunter-gatherer' genes, you just want to gobble it up!

Granted, I have not done very many of these, but I think it would be cool to have them listed down. Dont you?
1. Otter-ing?

2. Hand Splashing for fish, yes, for real.

3. Catching Spanish Mackerel, no rods, hands only.

Fishing Spots

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