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Overfishing is an invisible scourge

overfishing is real, seriously.

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Hughs Fish Fight - Fish discards

Not at all a Tropical Fish issue specifically, but probably a general issue everywhere just the same. Hugh (of the 'River Cottage' series) has done, and is still trying to, get public attention on the plight of fish discards in the European Commercial Fishing Industry. Its totally cool that he is doing this and something that I am sure you will find important. So surf on over there!

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Reinvent the Toilet Fair - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

A phenomenal idea! Reinventing a mechanism that is more than 100 years old. Why talk about it? Well human waste ultimately gets into water (80% of the time untreated!). Most likely this is more true in the tropical regions which are poorer, so think of the poor fishies, its a big deal!

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Habitat Destruction

Habitat destruction is a serious threat for fish. And its not just about water pollution!

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Harlequin Rasbora Fish Facts

Harlequin Rasbora fish facts that you wanted to know but dint know where to ask!

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Water Pollution

Water pollution is a huge problem for fish and for you and me too.

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Types of Fish, behaviors, anecdotes and FSI. FSI?

A unique view of types of fish, behaviors, anecdotes, experiences.

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