How I started my website...

I ran into SBI as I said a full 3 years ago, I was full of ideas of what to write and so on but for some reason or rather, I never did it.

Then 2011 rolled over and I started a new job.
Its been hectic, hardly time to breathe sometimes.

Then around March my mom passed away and well,
life changed.

Suddenly life started asking me again what I was doing.

After 3 years...

I had kept with SBI, even though I hadnt really started.
Thats right I had it for 3 years and dint do much with it.

Somehow I finally decided to look at it again, I mean I spent some money keeping it around for 3 years and dint do anything with it, so maybe it was time I did right?

Its been really amazing. Really.

I had no idea there was so much to know about the internet, how people searched for things, what people were searching for and all that. No wonder Google is worth 500-600USD per share!?

Literally, I couldnt even imagine finding out the information I would have needed to know to make a website successful cos I wouldnt even know where to begin!

And even if I did, I probably could have found some of the information and knowledge necessary but definitely not all the stuff SBI has shown me.

Who would have thought you needed to know so much about having a website?

As a sharer of information, its totally wonderful to have this conduit. Of course in order to share, you need someone to listen!

So just opening your own blog somewhere without quite knowing what you need to do, to find a listener, wont really work out for you. (Just like I found out when I wrote my blog a few years ago).

As the saying goes, what is the value of knowledge if it is not shared?
And as someone else said, whatever you put on the internet is value to someone.

So are you a sharer of information?
Or maybe just someone who wants to write?
Or maybe just someone who wants to change his or her life?

Well as a computer guy, I can tell you that tools are the basis of this information age (Apps are tools too and look at those nifty things flying off the virtual shelves!)

This set of tools are worth a glance and maybe, just maybe, you and I would have changed our lives.

I wish you the best of luck to find your own buried treasure!

P.S. In case the link above takes too long to load, check out the magic instead.

Parlez-vous Francais? Well if you do, there is also a little something in French,

or Sprechen sie Deutsch? then there is something in German,

and Dutch,
and Spanish, and Chinese too.

All the best and be good!