Betta Fish Facts

Aquarium Fish?
Not exactly. They are but they arent. The most famous of the Betta fish out there are the Siamese Fighting Fish and is the kind I am talking about here. They arent called 'fighting' for nothing! Most of the time, these guys are kept alone. Often in small jars as well. In theory I guess you could have a small fish tank with just one of these guys in there.

Pond Fish?
Again its a yes and a no. Betta fish are used to living in small areas such as small holes bearing water in the Paddy fields of South East Asia where they come from. So if you call that a pond, well I guess perhaps.

Fish Farming Potential?
This is not an important food fish at all. It is however an important ornamental or aquarium fish and so is farmed for this industry for sure.

This guy is more of an Omnivore. It will fight other fish as per its nickname, often times will even kill members of the same species (especially between males). Thats why they are kept as loners mostly.

This fish is small, probably grows to the size of your finger.

Food Eaten?
This fish is an Omnivore as mentioned. It does well with flakes and worms. There is also special betta fish pellets catered to its palette. (you know I like tongue twisters!)

Aquarium Fish Disease?
No particular disease is a winner. This guy is a hardy fish, needing the skill to protect its little patch of water in the wild.

Money Value?
This fish can have some moderate valuation, especially since it was used for a long time in Siam (old name for Thailand) as a means of gambling. Just like cock fighting, betta fish fighting can bring the owner a decent amount of money. These days, this fish is kept more for its beauty as an ornamentally colorful aquarium fish. (Though I am sure someone out there still indulges in a wager or two).

Aquarium Fish Compatibility?
This is one of those highly incompatible fish.

Along with its ability to breath air, and natural inclination for small spaces (like potholes of water in the paddy fields), they are often sold in jars.

Thats right like your regular peanut butter jar!

Thats all you need with some regular feeding and water changes. You can just put them jars, side by side. Though to prevent injury, you may need to separate the jars with non-see-through dividers as they are known to even attack their own reflections sometimes!

Common Fish Names?

In Malaysia, this fish is known as 'ikan laga' (pronounced 'ee' 'khan' 'la' 'ge'- the 'ger' in 'tiger' - without the 'r')

This literally means, the fish that 'fights' or perhaps more accurately, using, the common idiom, the fish that 'locks horns'.

According to wikipedia, its called

'pla-kad' in the Thai language.

and 'trey krem 'in Khmer. (Cambodian language)

The name 'Siamese Fighting fish' is also a fairly common name for this fish in English.

Freshwater or Saltwater?
Freshwater species with a strong inclination of being in stagnant water, especially in paddy fields in South East Asia.

Little known fact?
This fish breathes air and probably requires the least amount of space of any aquarium fish since its well at home living in your regular peanut butter jar!

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