Fishing Hats, its a must!

Thats right, fishing hats are a total must.

You know if you like fishing, chances are you have seen one of those 'Bass Fishing Tours' on your local Sports or Outdoor Channel. You know, you see a guy on a cool looking boat with 10 rods on his boat while he uses 1 and keeps casting to a pier or some branches in the water. He is trying to use his artificial lure to bring in a Bass.

In all of these cases, 99% of the time, the guy is wearing a hat of some sort. Thats right. Sure, it could be that he has to wear one because his sponsors name is on that hat but often times its because... well he needs one!

Now those guys are out in the cooler temperate zones of the world usually. Its probably not too much about heat, maybe just to help ward off a little of the light but thats about it.

Now out in a tropical setting, you better have a fishing hat! The simple reason is not just to ward off the light, its the climate out here.

The first obvious reason to have a hat is, well you guessed it, its freaking HOT yo! Unless you somehow have a fridge around your head, you are going to need one for sure.

At the same time, it cant be just any kind of hat either. It has to either be an improvised one or there are actual tropical fishing hats being sold.

The improvised variety is pretty easy, you take your regular baseball hat and before you wear it, put a small towel on your head, so that the tail end of the towel covers your neck area. Makes you look like one of the Japanese Soldiers in WW II but there was purpose in that in the first place! This will help protect your neck from sun burn.

The purpose built fishing hats are basically of the same concept but they have that small towel built in. And there are a few varieties of these.

There is the type that really makes you look like a Japanese Soldier in WW II. There are others that are more sinister looking. These have more of a curtain around the hat which will tend to cover your face as well, except for the eyes, and of course your neck, so you look sorta like a Ninja! Or maybe like a knight of Medieval times. Kinda cool actually :)

Anyway, the point is, for tropical fishing, you definitely need some sort of hat or cap. Period.

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