Seven Striped Barb Fish Facts

Aquarium Fish?
The Seven Striped Barb can call the fish tank home.

Pond Fish?
This fish seems to live more ideally in a pond although it will do fine in an aquarium, sorta.

Fish Farming Potential?
It used to be well known to be a good tasting fish. This may be why this fish is now considered a protected species. Having said that, they have somehow found their way into the Aquarium Pet Fish trade.

This is one of those boons and banes thingies but at least since it has monetary potential, in whichever form, we can be sure this fish should be around for a while longer.

This fish is not a predator. They are, however, susceptible to being attacked by even other members of the community fish population. I have seen this several times and I am not sure if its because the others did not get enough food or the Seven Striped Barbs are just too tasty when they reach a certain size!

They will almost always be bitten by other fish and ultimately die of the wounds. Even when they are fairly large.

This fish, being a protected fish species were not available a few years ago. Recently they have become common and are probably more common even than the Silver Sharks. They are not cheap either and can be hefty depending on the size sold.

Generally available finger size, large sizes are often available as well. In the wild, these grow to perhaps half the length of your arm or more.

Food Eaten?
These guys are regular pellet feeders. In the days when sinking pellets were not readily available (and/or cheap enough), the Seven Striped Barb will readily feed on floating pellets. With the advent of the sinking pellets, this should be their ideal food source.

Aquarium Fish Disease?
As I said, the fish deaths I have seen among the Seven Striped Barb is, well, they have pieces of fleshes missing! No other common fish disease seems to be prevalent for them.

Money Value?
These fish are moderately expensive and can fetch high prices when large. This is in terms of the Aquarium Pet Trade. I would imagine that if they were not endangered, they would be in demand as food too.

Aquarium Fish Compatibility?
The Seven Striped Barb does not bother other fish at all. They tend to be fairly sluggish and do not dart about like many other fish. As such they are good neighbors for other fish but whether or not they can compete with other fish is a good question.

Perhaps the best idea is to keep these guys by themselves, or perhaps with Silver Sharks, since the striped Barbs are also not that energetic, or another idea is to keep them with the gentle Koi.

Either that, or you need to ensure they get their fair share of the food you give.

Common Fish Names?
Commonly known as 'Temoleh' in the Malay language.

'Temoleh' - pronounced like the 'tur' in 'turbid' but without the 'r' sound, 'Moe' as in the 3 stooges Moe :) and like the word 'lay' but adding the 'h' sound and dropping the 'y' sound on the end = 'tu-Moe-layh'

Other than just Seven Striped Barb and Temoleh, this fish is also known as 'Jullien's Golden Carp'. 'Striped Carp' will bring up this fish as well.

Freshwater or Saltwater?
Freshwater species.

Little known fact?
This fish has a strange look. It looks like a swift river fish, which tend to have mouths that are 'pushing forward'. However, the Seven Striped Barb's mouth points downwards, much more so than the Koi.

Also, the mouth seems to extend further out as well, giving the fish not an ordinary look, almost extra ordinary, looks more like a suction cup than anything else! It needs to be seen, to be believed!

Throwing in another fact, this fish is also a jumper! So yes its ideal in the pond, but be careful!

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