Fishing shirts can be an essential anti-weather device or an anti-jinx one too!

Thats right, in the tropics fishing shirts firstly are a must. why? Well you guessed it, its HOT yo!

Now we can categorize fishing shirts in a few ways. The first is just to look at what kind of shirt you may be wearing when you go-a-fishin.

The 2 things you wanna think of is appropriateness and comfort.

So what does that mean?

Well basically it means that you want to wear something comfortable. This is usually a t-shirt of some kind, nice and airy, covers the body but not too thick. Usually short sleeves is fine. This ensures comfort.

Appropriateness is, you dont want to have a big t-shirt lest you get it stuck on hooks and things. It also should be a t-shirt that you are okay about it getting dirty.

Now depending, you may want to go shirtless too, that is only if you really like a tan, otherwise, its not the thing to do.

The second important factor, at least in the tropics, is that you always need to have a second shirt handy. This preferably should be a long sleeve shirt that you can wear over whatever it is you felt to be comfortable.(When you dont use it, you can always tie the sleeves round your waist.)

The reason for this? Well this long-sleeve shirt is yet another method to help keep out the sun. If you had read, my fishing hats explanation, this combination will serve you well, at least for the top half of your body!

So I mentioned that the above was the first categorization of fishing shirts. Whats the second?

Well every fisherman worth his salt will know this one. Its about that shirt that you will ALWAYS wear when going fishing.

Its not always the same for every fisherman. Someone may always need a certain cap, somebody else a certain rod, somebody may be about shoes, someone else may be everything as a package but the fishing shirt is usually somewhere in the mix of this, how do I say it, almost a superstition, an 'anti-jinx' factor.

(Depending on where and who, it could also be what NOT to wear. For e.g. I was on a fishing boat once where slippers were a big no-no, everyone had to go barefoot on the boat!).

You see fishing is probably 70% luck and 30% skill. The real good guys probably bring this down to 50/50. So that 'luck' element is all about maximizing your luck and minimizing your jinx, so for some that means its always about wearing a certain subset of shirts or maybe a very specific one. (Full of holes even!)

I will admit to be one of these people :P

Hey, anything that will bring in the fish, or at least gives me the confidence that I will get fish is good enough for me. Its all about positive energy, visualizing catching fish because of wearing a certain shirt. Why not man?

I do think it would be good enough for you too!

Sooo... dont discount the absolute need for certain fishing shirts.

So now you know :)

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